Grey Lines

As boundaries across cultures and practices get increasingly blurred, some of us embrace this liminal space and tread the Grey Lines which gives rise to new and unique forms of expressions.

Steeped in drawing ideas of Asian movement philosophy while being inspired from the contemporary space, Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) represent this embodiment of the in-between as it connects us with people and spaces around us.

In support of this unique liminal space, Maya Dance Theatre presents GREY LINES over the course of 2 weeks with eight (08) dance makers from Asia and Australia who straddle the 'in-between' space of traditions and contemporary, sharing the thought processes, philosophies and practices that inspire them to move and express.

Catch these works and hear excerpts of sharing from the artists themselves as we travel the journey to better understand what goes on in-between.

Find out more about our dance makers for Grey Lines

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Jan 21 - Jan 27, 2021
[ Thu ] - [ Wed ]
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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General Admission (Grey Lines-21& 27 Jan 2021) SOLD OUT $22.00
Early Bird Special (Valid until 10 January 2021) SOLD OUT $18.00
Students (Valid with Student pass) (Grey Lines-21 & 27 Jan 2021) SOLD OUT $11.00
Maya Dance Theatre

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